New Website and Recipe

If you have been reading The Boy Who Bakes for any amount of time you might notice it is looking all shiny and new. The site hadn't been updated for about 4 years and frankly I was bored of the look and it needed a change, If I was bored of looking at it I can't imagine what you thought of it! So over Christmas when everyone was asleep from too much food* I sat fiddling with squarespace designing the new site and I'm really happy with it, I hope you like it too!

You might notice that there is both a recipe and a blog page and this is for two reasons. I used to be able to post a recipe every week but at the moment I don't always have the time these days. I still want to blog but I also want the recipes I do post to be easy to find so I decided seperating the two would be the best way to go. The blog will feature things from my travels, posts about cookbooks im enjoying and basically everything but my recipes, which will of course find a home over on the recipes page - I hope that makes sense and works.

To confuse matters just a little bit more, to kick off the new site I wanted to tell you about a fab recipe I wrote for the lovely folks over at Designsponge. If Chocolate and Amaretto Pudding Pie sounds and looks good to you then head over to Designsponge and check out the full recipe. 

*and a bit too much wine!