Stir The pot

Stir The Pot is a podcast about food and the people that love it. Each episode I will interview a chef, food writer or even just a celebrity that loves food and loves to talk about it. If you want to chat to me about anything podcast related drop me a line at



This week we talk with Signe Johansen about the nordic idea of Hygge, which roughly translates as cosiness. We talk about why the idea has suddenly taken hold in the UK and what it actually means and how we can apply it to our lives.

You can follow Signe on Twitter @SigneSJohansen and on Instagram @signejohansen







This weeks episode is our second from the city of lights, my favourite place, Paris. We are joined by the fabulous Harry Eastwood, a food writer you may know from her first tv show Cook Yourself Thin or her brilliant cookbooks, including her latest Carneval, a meat based cookbook for the 21st century. This is a really fun episode and Harry was an absolutely wonderful guest.

You can follow Harry on Twitter @redappleinparis and on Instagram @harryeatsfood






Episode 4 is with the brilliant Rosie Birkett, a food writer and stylist based in East London. We talk about her childhood in an almost real life version of the Good Life, well the food elements anyway, moving to Vancouver to follow the man she loved and her career in the food industry.

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Episode 3 - dorie greenspan

What can I say, I am thrilled that one of my favourite food writers has joined us on Stir The Pot. Dorie is a legendary food writer with more than ten books under her belt. She has worked with legends such as Julia Child and Pierre Herme and her baking books are some of the most popular out there. In this episode we talk about burning down kitchens, the difference between baking professionally and as a writer and Dorie's new project #cookiesandkindness a fabulous project about sharing the love through cookies.

You can follow Dorie on twitter @doriegreenspan and on Instagram @doriegreenspan plus check out her website for updates and recipes for #cookiesandkindness




Episode 2 - Georgina Hayden

For out second episode I am joined by someone responsible for one of my favourite cookbooks of the past year, Georgina Hayden. Georgie is a food stylist who has spent the last ten years working for Jamie Oliver. She has a fascinating story and has an infectious personality, I am a big fan!

You can follow Georgie on twitter @georgiefood and on instagram @georgiepuddingnpie and her debut book Stirring Slowly is out now!






episode 1 - Paul a young

In this debut episode I am joined by amazing chocolatier Paul A Young and we talk about everything from the food he grew up on to how he set up his multi award winning chocolate business.

You can follow Paul on twitter and instagram @paul_a_young and check out his website If you are ever in London make sure to check out his shops in Islington, Camden and The City, his chocolate really is incredible.