San Francisco Coffee Shops

I have been in San Francisco the past week, eating my way across the city, and I've quickly fallen in love. This is most definitely a city I could happily live in, I just need a green card so any eligible bachelors please form an orderly queue! With a ten hour flight and an eight hour time difference I landed with a unusually, for me anyway, bad case of jet lag, waking up very early each and every morning. This means on one hand I was able to enjoy some truly stunning sunrises (this was from Noe Valley, a lovely residential neighbourhood that sits next to the Castro) and on the other I was surviving on a diet composed heavily of coffee. As today in International Day and San Francisco is a city in love with caffeine here are some of my favourite spots I visited.

Le Meridien

I know what you’re thinking, hotel coffee, really? Due to my screwed up sleep, I woke up before any coffee shops had opened so took advantage of Le Meridien’s room service and coffee offering. For me these little luxuries makes me disproportionally happy, breakfast in bed whilst dressed in a fluffy white robe is all I need to wake up right! Le Meridien has a partnership with Illy coffee so it’s a big step up from the usually undrinkable hotel coffee I am used to and really helped make those early morning a little easier to handle. Plus, with this view, how could you not want to enjoy a lazy breakfast and coffee looking out over the city!

The hotel was also the perfect place for exploring the city, it is located near every transport link you could need and the best bit for me was that it was a mere two minutes walk to the Ferry Building so exploring the wonderful San Francisco Farmers Market was just a stroll away.

333 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Blue Bottle

The upstart of American coffee. They're definitely not Starbucks big, but they're getting there with shops in the Bay Area, LA, NYC and even in Tokyo. In San Francisco they have locations in the Ferry Plaza, Hayes Valley, and a few downtown. My drink of choice on this trip was the New Orleans Iced Coffee, a delicious cold brewed coffee with chicory thrown in for a true New Orleans flavour, its a solid iced coffee, perfect for those hot SF days.

315 Linden St. 
San Francisco, CA 94102

Four Barrell / The Mill

These guys are definitely a local favourite, I stumbled upon multiple cafes using beans from this roaster and some of my favourite hits of caffeine came from coffee made with their beans. The Mission location is a full on hipster fever dream with exposed bricks, beams and a handful of taxidermy heads mounted on the wall. So yes the original location isn't my favourite in terms of design but they have a space alongside Alamo Square and The Painted Ladies that is much more my style. In 2012 the guys behind Four Barrel teamed up with the brilliant baker Josey Baker (yes that’s his real name) to open The Mill, a combo bakery coffee shop space (you might also know it as the home of the $6 toast). Its a gorgeous bright space and the perfect place to start your day. Out of all the coffee I had this week this place made the best cappuccino. Add some toast to your coffee and you have a fabulous breakfast.

736 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Sightglass Coffee

This flagship of this local chain is slightly off the regular tourist track in SoMa but it's a gorgeous spot and they serve pastries from one of the best places in the city, Neighbour Bakehouse. They also make a really good vanilla iced coffee, perfect if you like your coffee flavoured, but lightly so. You can also get coffee from Sightglass at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on a Saturday and at the San Francisco MoMa.

270 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


This is another coffee shop that does great coffee buts beauty lies in so much more than that. They have two stores but for this I am referring to Jane on Larkin, the food offering here is a bit special. In this shop you can get a series of different pastries made with a croissant dough and they are fabulous! My favourites were the sausage and provolone croissant and the lemon poppy seed knot. My tip would be get there early, these sell out quick! 

925 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Reveille Coffee

With all my painfully early mornings I needed somewhere to get my much needed morning fix. At the start of my trip I was staying in Noe Valley in an airbnb, who's hard futon may have contributed slightly to my lack of sleep. Each morning I would make the walk over the mountainous hills to the Castro and enjoy breakfast at this wonderful spot, former food truck gone bricks and mortar. The weather was unseasonably warm so took advantage of the cute outside space, enjoying a coffee and a breakfast sandwich as I slowly started to feel a little human again. They also have a number of other locations across the city, plus the original truck is still going

4076 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Social Media Tips

Last week I was invited to give a talk about the way I use social media for my career in food at the new Discovery Space at the Three Mobile store in Islington (think of it like going to an Apple store to learn basics on how to use your phone) and it actually got me thinking about the way I use twitter, Instagram and all the socials. It’s not as if I actually have a social media plan, I don't really schedule posts, I don't use diagnostics or check my engagement but in some ways I think that is to my benefit. 

My biggest tip is that social media is supposed to be fun and it ever feels like a job you're taking it too seriously (of course thats different if you are using it for a company). 

After thinking about it for a while I did realise that I have some habits that have become useful, the first and most important tip would be authenticity. I follow accounts that have a point, I love a pastry chef that is showing off his work, a travel writer that shows me places I will never get to visit and cute sausage dogs just being cute (I wont apologise for my love of cute dogs!). Whilst different the one thing these accounts have in common is consistency, they post what they're known for and this feels like an authentic voice, if it was random pictures with no cohesive feel it doesn't grab peoples attention, maybe unless you are Kim Kardashian. Along with that another tip I have learnt is regular posting, if you leave long gaps between posting content the lower your engagement gets, for Instagram I would say once a day is what I personally aim for but I don’t push it, if I don’t have a good picture I would rather not post. 

I also use different social media for different things. Instagram (my favourite) is my creative area, I don't post random pictures but normally it is shots I have spent some time on, almost as a portfolio for my work. Twitter is obviously for chatting and I use that on a real mixed level, some work, some personal, lots of whatever. Snapchat, my latest obsession, is where I don’t follow any rules, it’s the younger sibling of the social media world and it’s simply for fun, yes I put work stuff on it, but its almost a behind the curtain look plus a whole host of random things I see/do during my day, its the social media where I let loose (follow me, like everywhere else, @theboywhobakes) 

At the class I also gave a quick guide to the way I take pictures for Instagram and while this is easier to do in person these were a few tips I gave.

1. Natural light - unless you are adept at using studio lights with a delicate hand, food generally looks awful with flash, especially when that flash comes from your phone or your compact camera - turn it off.

2. Follow some of your favourite accounts and learn what you like and dislike from their style and let it influence your own style, dont just steal other peoples ideas but by learning what you like and dislike you will start to develop your own style.

3. Edit with a delicate hand. Most filters are too strong straight out of the box, turn them down before posting, it looks more natural and it just looks better.

4. Edit outside of Instagram. The app has come a long way in its editing abilities but I still prefer to use a more pro app and my favourite is VSCO Cam, its just the best. 

5. Variety. Don't always post pictures that look exactly the same. I follow accounts that use the same set up and over time, whilst they are pretty images, they look too similar and it gets stale.

That is barely touching the surfaces of how you can use social media but I thought a few tips could help. If you want to learn more about how to use your mobile devices check out the listing at the Discovery Spaces from Three and follow me @theboywhobakes everywhere for any upcoming classes I’m running. 

Cake Decorating Tips

In a continuing series of posts for Stork I have written a guide over on their blog about how to decorate a cake, so if you want to learn how to decorate a layer cake with either a simple swirl, ruffle piping or a with rosettes then take a look here there is also a wonderful recipe for a chocolate and dulce de leche layer cake too, a delicious celebration cake!

New Website and Recipe

If you have been reading The Boy Who Bakes for any amount of time you might notice it is looking all shiny and new. The site hadn't been updated for about 4 years and frankly I was bored of the look and it needed a change, If I was bored of looking at it I can't imagine what you thought of it! So over Christmas when everyone was asleep from too much food* I sat fiddling with squarespace designing the new site and I'm really happy with it, I hope you like it too!

You might notice that there is both a recipe and a blog page and this is for two reasons. I used to be able to post a recipe every week but at the moment I don't always have the time these days. I still want to blog but I also want the recipes I do post to be easy to find so I decided seperating the two would be the best way to go. The blog will feature things from my travels, posts about cookbooks im enjoying and basically everything but my recipes, which will of course find a home over on the recipes page - I hope that makes sense and works.

To confuse matters just a little bit more, to kick off the new site I wanted to tell you about a fab recipe I wrote for the lovely folks over at Designsponge. If Chocolate and Amaretto Pudding Pie sounds and looks good to you then head over to Designsponge and check out the full recipe. 

*and a bit too much wine!